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Poresta® Slot

Water simply disappears – shadow gap drain with double-sided gradient.

The unique, multiple award winning shadow gap drainage system makes water practically disappear along two wall edges. The double-sided gradient makes the Poresta® Slot ideal for installation in niches and corners. This floor-level shower and drain system is also easy to clean.

Key facts

  • Waterproof, coated, ready-to-tile hard foam shower system with integrated gradient of approx. 1.0%, pre-installed drainage channel and drain unit
  •  Drainage via single-sided shadow gap
  • Standard element 1200 x 1200 x 70 mm
  •  Flow rate horizontal/vertical 42 l/min, standard DN 50 connection
  • Dry-out protection with second water trap chamber for horizontal drain
  • Horizontal drain with general construction testing certificate
  • Depending on the geometry and installation height, the shower system can be trimmed on-site by the installer to 700 x 500 mm
  • Easy cleaning with special brush (supplied)
  • Minimum tile dimensions: 50 x 50 mm
  • Shadow gap is easy to clean with supplied brush


  • Tested for barrier-free accessibility
  • Sufficient stability for use with wheelchairs can be achieved by using tiles with minimum dimensions of 100 x 100 mm
  • Sufficient stability for use with wheelchairs can be achieved by using tiles with minimum dimensions size of 50 x 50 mm when an additional glass fibre mesh is integrated into the tile adhesive

At a glance

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  • For moderate to high moisture exposure (class A0 and A, in accordance with ZDB spec sheet)
  • General construction testing certificate according to List A Part 2, Section 1.10 (sealing in conjunction with tile and slab floor coverings)
  • ETA-13/0386
  • ÖNORM B 2207: When professionally installed, complies with load classes specified in the standard up to maximum group W4


  • DIN 4109 / ÖNORM B 8115 / SIA 181: Technical reports from the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics verify the achievable noise levels (water impact noise, EMPA hammer, impact noise reduction) for installations with Poresta® soundproofing accessories. See the soundproofing brochure for details: www.poresta.com


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The following accessories are available separately:



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Poresta® KMK 1K, 2 kg container

Poresta® KMK TI sealingstrip, inner corner, transversally elastic, fleece-lined

Poresta® KMK TA sealing strip, outer corner, transversally elastic, fleece-lined

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Poresta® Profi Flex

Poresta® soundproofing kits

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Poresta Slot / Slot S add-on element 1200x600x65 mm