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  • We’re one big family.

    A source of inspiration for more than 40 years.

    Teamwork comes natural.

    It all started more than 40 years ago with an intelligent system that would radically simplify how bathtubs are installed. The Olympic Village in Munich was the first major building project to feature our innovative solution. Since then, we’ve supplied over 25 million bathtub supports and our business has grown across Europe.

    Today, we continue as an independent family-owned enterprise that believes in teamwork and strives to earn the loyalty of its staff. Operating based on a three-stage distribution chain, we now have more than 230 employees, making us the biggest family in Bad Wildungen. Today, we are poresta systems.

  • To most people, they look like tiny white beads.

    For us, they’re the basis of genuine innovation.

    Poresta® drives the innovation behind tiles.

    Made from thousands of white beads, Poresta® is the material that started our success story with bathtub supports. It is also is a prime example of our innovative strength. We don't believe in resting on our laurels. That's why we continue investing substantially in research and development. After all, we want to keep on delighting you with new products.

    Our shower solutions are some of the most innovative products on the market and have played a key role in revolutionizing bathroom design. Every year, we register numerous patents for our innovations and actively participate in a variety of research projects. Our aim is to continue thinking outside the box and keep supplying you with cutting-edge products.

  • High-tech production is the name

    of the game in Bad Wildungen.

    Poresta® manufacturing includes hands-on attention to detail.

    When you see the name poresta systems, you can rest assured that you are getting the truly excellent quality, made in Germany. This means that every product we supply is second to none in terms of workmanship, durability and performance.

    We believe in keeping our promise. That's why we continuously expand our production and warehouse facilities in Bad Wildungen. We now have more than 80,000 square metres of space. And although everything is high-tech, we still carry out a number of key production steps by hand to achieve maximum precision. We think you’ll find the results speak for themselves.

  • Keeping up with today's trends –

    by supplying tomorrow's solutions.

    We understand: The times are a-changing.

    Consumer demands for a wider selection and superior quality in bathroom design are growing. What began as a practical wet room has become an oasis of rest and relaxation. This has clearly raised the bar when it comes to sanitary engineering standards. We supply simple, intelligent solutions designed to convince your customers. 

    Super-flat floor-level shower systems with practically invisible drains make water virtually disappear. High-precision bathtub installation systems for more than 5000 models currently on the market can be perfectly combined with patented Poresta® drain solutions. A wide range of innovative tecDesign elements give you practically unlimited bathroom design options.

  • Beauty goes beyond the surface.

    We take first-class quality a level deeper.

    Built on a solid foundation. For us, the ultimate compliment.

    What good is a beautifully finished surface when the support system underneath is worthless? We believe that quality begins below the surface. That's why we subject our products to demanding stress and endurance tests in our in-house laboratory. And then have them carefully inspected by independent quality control experts. This is the best way to ensure maximum reliability in project planning and management.

    Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, Poresta® products set new engineering standards. 

  • You need it delivered yesterday? No problem.

    We’re unbeatable when it comes to special orders.

    Centrally located in Europe. World champions in logistics. 

    We believe that top-quality products should be accompanied by first-class services. With more than 30 specialists, our dedicated sales team is there to meet your needs – professionally and reliably. We'll even come to your construction site and show you how to install our products.

    Our online services at www.poresta.com offer you clear, comprehensive product information, complete with video streams showing you exactly how to install Poresta® products step-by-step. Visit our website and see for yourself!

  • Building the future together.

    Not only in our own backyard.

    We believe in taking responsibility.

    As a long-time corporate citizen, we assume community responsibility in Bad Wildungen. Our company is a reliable employer and an innovative source of training for future generations. We also lead the way by demonstrating environmental awareness. Our joint arrangement with the local biomass power plant generates thermal energy for our heating and drying units.

    Even our R&D department shows the traits of a family-owned, people-focused company. Our floor-level shower solutions ensure maximum comfort and safety for people at all stages of life.