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poresta systems supplies the right accessories for any installation job. More than 5,000 Poresta® tub support variations are available to fit a wide variety of bathtubs and shower trays in all standard shapes and sizes.

There is a growing demand for comfortable, custom-designed bathrooms – and this calls for floor-level, barrier-free showers. With the Poresta® floor-level shower systems BF, BF KMK, BF 95, BF 70, the BFR universal shower board, Limit S, Slot, Slot S and Luna, poresta systems offers intelligent solutions for every bathroom floor plan, preference and price range. Poresta® products range from ready-to-tile high-density rigid foam to pre-finished system products.

Poresta® tecDesign shower solutions combine outstanding design with advanced technology. The wide range of sizes, option levels and shapes, including helical and circular showers or space-saving corner solutions, are ideal for creating unique bathroom design concepts.