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Poresta® Floor-level shower systems

Decorative surfaces Poresta® SELECT – Greater diversity in the bathroom.

Poresta® Supporting frames

Poresta® Floor-level shower systems


The floor-level shower systems were launched on the market by poresta systems in 2001. Today they are available with point, line and shadow gap drainage, as well as with finished surfaces.


  • Secure sealing
  • Integrated gradient
  • Standardized drain technology
  • Wheelchair accessible an barrier-free
  • Certified soundproofing
  • Easy installation


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Poresta® Supporting frames


The Poresta® supporting frame is a built-in system that has been tried and tested for around 50 years for all bathtubs and shower trays common on the market.


  • Variety of types
  • Custom tiling
  • Installation accessories
  • Design elements
  • Certified soundproofing



Poresta® SELECT


The fascinating surfaces of the Poresta® SELECT range bring the uniqueness of nature directly to the bathroom, with three plain colours, three metal designs, four natural stone designs and nine wooden designs to choose from. A complementary surface structure is used for each design, highlighting and underlining the unique character. As a result, Poresta® SELECT is both a visual and a haptic experience.


  • Floor-level showers and bathroom walls in 19 designs with five fascinating surfaces
  • Seamless perfection
  • Anti-slip and wheelchair-accessible
  • Antibacterial as standard


Discover Poresta® Select

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Sealing and soundproofing brochures reissued!


The professional and permanent sealing is one of the most important application-technical areas in the planning and execution of domestic and public baths and hardly anyone wants to be disturbed by the shower and bathing noises of their neighbors. For this reason, poresta systems offers specially developed sealing and soundproofing accessories. You will find the right solution in our new brochures.



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Installation of the new Poresta® 3D seal


Avoid water damage with the Poresta® 3D sealing accessories with three-dimensional pre-formed sealing corners from poresta systems. No squeezing, no stretching, no folding around the edge of the tub edge.


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