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Retailing enterprise in Bad Wildungen

A small trading company for vulcanizing tyres is set up in Bad Wildungen, Germany.

In 1949, the company starts manufacturing rubber balls and balloons. At the end of the year, one of the staff comes up with an idea to manufacture foam rubber shoulder pads, which were popular in America at the time.


Production of rigid polyurethane foams

Ties are established with the Bayer dye works. A decision is made to start production of polyurethane foams. At the same time, construction begins on the first atomization system for foam plastic.


Acquisition by the Quandt Group

The plant is taken over by a subsidiary of the Quandt Group and the company name is changed to Correcta-Werke GmbH.

In May 1958, the Quandt Group transfers shares of Correcta-Werke GmbH to Kaus, the majority owner of Metzeler AG.


Rebuilding of the production facility

During the night of 15 February, the Correcta plant in Wega burns to the ground. Along with the reconstruction, a modern polythene foil manufacturing facility is set up at the Ylopan factory in Odershausen. The Correcta plant on Biedensteg is built for polystyrene production.

A site is developed for the company administration in Bad Wildungen-Ense. Four operations make up the Correcta group until the early 1970s.


Invention of the Poresta® bathtub support system

A sales representative for a bathtub manufacturer comes up with an idea for a tub support device. The concept is adopted by Correcta and a new product is developed for the market.

The Poresta® bathtub support system is launched one year later. The first products leave the plant site and are distributed to customers.


Poresta® captures the Olympics in Munich

The first large-scale building project to implement Poresta® bathtub supports. All of the bathtubs in the Olympic village are installed with Poresta® bathtub supports.


Bayer AG acquires shares of the Kaus Group

The Biedensteg and Wega plants are divided in line with the Metzeler AG sales structure. Wega plant operations are integrated into Metzeler Schaum GmbH. Along with all other Bayer Group insulation material operations, the Biedensteg plant is allocated to the Reinhold & Mahla company in Mannheim.

In 1983, the Biedensteg site becomes the parent company of Reinhold & Mahla and operates under the name Vereinigte Kunststoff AG Reinhold & Mahla Werk Correcta.

In 1985, the plant is transformed into an independent subsidiary of Bayer AG. The company once again goes by the name Correcta.


Correcta is acquired by the Illbruck family

Correcta is acquired by the Illbruck family from Leverkusen on 1 October 1992 and integrated into the Illbruck  Group as an independent business unit. 

In 2000, the Correcta GmbH name is changed to Illbruck Sanitärtechnik GmbH and a new company logo is developed. 


Illbruck introduces floor-level shower systems

Illbruck Sanitärtechnik GmbH successfully launches floor-level shower systems on the market.

In 2002, Ferroplast GmbH based in Monheim, a specialist for dry wall installation systems and supports for bathtubs and shower trays, is taken over by illbruck GmbH.


Sabina Illbruck joins the management team

Illbruck SanTec AG based in Hägendorf, Switzerland is founded as a distribution company for sanitary engineering products.

To ensure continuity in the family enterprise, Sabina Illbruck acquires 100% of the Illbruck shares and joins the management team. The company adopts a new, modernized corporate brand.

2006 is the most successful year in company history. Illbruck is one of the fastest growing and most profitable companies in the German sanitary engineering industry. Internationalization and floor-level shower solutions generate further growth.

A new subsidiary is opened in Austria: Illbruck Sanitärtechnik Österreich GmbH.

Illbruck expands its warehouse space at the Bad Wildungen site and continues to develop foreign sales. 


Poresta® bathtub support systems celebrate 40 years

Illbruck Poresta® bathtub support systems celebrate 40 years with the successful introduction of new-generation floor-level shower systems. The innovative Poresta® Slot, Limit S and BFR Universal shower board products are introduced to the wholesale market.

Illbruck continues to build its business in France. In February, the company exhibits for the first time at the Idéo Bain trade show in Paris.


Red Dot Design Award for Poresta® Slot

Poresta® BF 70, the flattest floor-level shower system, is introduced. Illbruck wins a Red Dot Design Award for the Poresta® Slot.


Illbruck becomes poresta systems

Illbruck adopts a new internationally recognizable name and a modernized identity on 1 July 2012: poresta systems.


Introduction of floor-level shower elements with a finished surface

With two new floor-level shower systems, poresta is opening up a further market segment in front of the tile: Poresta® Loft and Loft S with a finished surface made of solid surface material.


Greater diversity in the bathroom: Poresta® SELECT

With the system of floor-level shower elements and cladding for bathroom walls, poresta systems offers endless design options for bathroom planning.

The new range received the first design awards shortly after its market launch.


Poresta® SELECT receives Red Dot Award

poresta systems receives another award for outstanding design quality.